As an NLP Master Practitioner, HNLP Life Coach, midwife and yoga/meditation/mindfulness teacher, KeiShana provides individual sessions for her clients in home or via Skype/Facetime.

She’s been working with individuals and couples as a Coach now for more than a decade and has a special interest in trauma + PTSD however, often finds herself coaching in a wide range of settings. This allows her the privilege of walking alongside people as they return to whole health and wellness, then beyond into finding a new level of confidence, calm and Hau Ora (whole health).

  • Birth Trauma incl. miscarriage/stillbirth

  • Fertility/infertility

  • Postnatal anxiety/depression/recovery

  • Childbirth anxiety/fear

  • Mindfulness/Movement/Meditation

  • Yoga Therapeutics

  • Relationship/parenting support

  • Work stress reduction/career coaching

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021 980 859

KeiShana is amazingly sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic. My session with her was powerfully moving and compelling. She effortlessly connected with me and my personal situation right away. I was struck at how deeply she delved into things and how much ground she covered within one session. Thanks to her and the insight and healing that came of the session, I made a huge mental shift - I was able to embrace and move from the fear and trauma of a previous stillbirth to the most beautiful home birth experience anyone could ever ask for. I am still in awe of what happened! We are truly grateful for such a positive and wonderful home birth experience and honestly believe that KeiShana made a huge difference in how smoothly and beautifully everything went for us.Thank you for the incredible work that you do KeiShana!
— Lil

Coaching sessions:

  • 90-120mins $120

  • 60min $80

  • Singular Birth Trauma/Loss sessions are usually up to 2 hours in length : $150 as a one off release session.

I’ve had the joy and honour of working with KeiShana for over a year both in person and via video call. She is the most beautiful combination of conventional therapy and a holistic mind/body/spirit trainer. Direct and no nonsense when she needs to be while being gentle and nurturing when she recognises you need that kind of care. Always compassionate and enlightening I enjoy every session, even when they’re hard. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
— Grace
“I vividly remember my first interaction with KeiShana. I was 20 weeks pregnant with our beautiful daughter Esme, and needing desperately to find a midwife to replace the rather nonchalant one I had. I simply knew there could be more to birth than that.

In the space of a couple of days I was given KeiShana’s number by 4 unrelated people. Our first conversation left me feeling full. Full of confidence, joy, support and a deep respect and awareness for the fullness of transformation growing inside my belly and mind. Her care as a midwife /coach transcended the status quo, allowed for open, honest conversations about birth - both of the mama and the baby. Conversations grounded in science but propelled into a higher space and perspective of viewing life, if indeed that was what I wanted. And yes, it was. That birth opened up a new place in me.
— Charlotte - Opti-mum Master Grad'