Birth Skills : Antenatal Education

Opti-mum is childbirth education with a twenty first century twist where we focus on the mind-body connection in order to facilitate optimal health for pregnancy, birth and parenting. We offer an Opti-mum Birth Skills Workshop (one day labour and birth focus) and 1:1 Private Birth Skills sessions. click here for more information about the 1:1 Private Birth Skills sessions.

Most childbirth and parent education occurs towards the end of pregnancy. However, we believe that an earlier start is ideal because it offers greater opportunity to integrate the tools during your pregnancy, providing more powerful opportunities for learning.

Opti-mum courses offer discussion, interaction and reflection with professional midwives, educators and mindfulness practitioners providing your premium learning experience. We will support you to thread together key elements to create a positive and rewarding mindful birth journey which means you will be guided from a place of anxiety, fear or simply curiosity, to one where you will be informed, empowered, excited and relaxed. We know that it works! There is insurmountable evidence that shows the positive effect on the mind body connection when practicing mindfulness and we see this with our many Opti-mum graduates.  

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Your one day Birth Skills Workshop includes:

  • Understanding how your hormonal system can help or hinder labour and birth

  • What to expect at each stage of labour

  • How to create the optimal birthing environment

  • Making mindful decisions so you're in control

  • Preparing partners and birth companions for their important role in the labour and birthing room.

  • Providing you with tools that will help you to optimise the ‘rest and digest’ hormones during labour and birth.

  • Introducing you to a range of skills that will help to keep you focused during labour and birth.

  • Defining 'birthing in awareness' and the importance of this concept in becoming parents

  • Navigating obstacles

  • Reducing anxiety/stress, increasing calm and confidence

  • Focused and non-focused awareness exercises to invite and embrace labour sensations

“Whether you are intending to birth in hospital, at home or in a primary unit, I believe everyone would benefit from gaining the education this course offers”
— Ella - Opti-mum Graduate