A Snapshot of Mindfulness

Greetings and welcome to this new addition to our website. We have just celebrated the first birthday of Opti-mum and decided to celebrate with you all by launching a blog that will provide some clarity around how mindfulness fits in to the world of childbirth.  As midwives and mindfulness practitioners we are offering a fusion of innovative and  creative antenatal education from a mindfulness perspective. 

We are aware of how trendy the concept of mindfulness is currently, which might lead you to think that it is a new thing. It is in fact an ancient practice that is associated with multiple cultures and religions for millennia. Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Maori and others all record the use of mindfulness in one form or another within their narratives.

All of these cultures have had contemplative practices that  intentionally focus on the present moment in order tocreate a mind body connection.  This is applied by using a combination of the breath, awareness of the senses and recognition of how our thoughts and emotions can influence our physical state. The by product of this practice is a quieting of the mind, a reduction in stress levels and an increase in our physical, emotional and mental health. These are critical factors that can have a positive impact on the woman, her partner and the baby during a pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

Mindfulness has been extensively evaluated in large research trials which have continually demonstrated significant health benefits for a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions. Our Opti-mum courses combine the art of mindfulness with the science of physiology to create a comprehensive programme for you as parents-to-be, whether you are not yet pregnant or currently expecting your fifth baby.

If we have inspired a sense of curiosity, then click here to watch our recent presentation (performance) from the Pecha Kucha evening at the Christchurch Art Gallery.