THANKS Santa Baby - Opti-mum Gifts Your 2017

Opti-mum have recently celebrated our 1st Birthday. We couldn't have done it without you all and this has resulted in a swag of beautiful, powerful and most importantly mindful birth stories. 

Having had a year of incredible feedback and humbling support, we have chosen to restructure and return the gift, making our exclusive midwife and educator facilitated courses more accessible. 

We are now offering the 2 day Birth Journey for $300 (was $450) and the 1 day Birth Skills (Essential Elements) for $200 (was $240) ... OR a combined package of $400. You can choose one or both courses as it suits. Birth Journey is intended for early pregnancy and Birth Skills for closer to the time of baby's arrival.

We recognise that historically Antenatal Education has been free (government funded) in New Zealand however that climate has now entirely changed and all expectant and subsequent parents can choose to invest in their education. Thankfully our approach is fresh, enjoyable and for many, a game-changer.

At Opti-mum we believe that the quality of your journey depends on the quality of the information you receive and as health professionals we have heard many times, "why doesn't birth come with a manual?" and "we didn't know that we didn't know!" We agree that in this modern fast paced world it should and you can, so these courses are designed to be your 'who, how to, why, what and when'. Our feedback suggests that Opti-mum graduates leave feeling calm, confident and excited about their journey. 

Our unique and evidence based approach explains why our Opti-mumma's say these pregnancy and birth workshops are "priceless", "worth every cent" and "skills for life, not just pregnancy" so we look forward to another year ahead where we gift our selves and those around us with presence. 

Yours mindfully

KeiShana & Lorna