An exciting new update for Breathing Space...

Breathing Space (because everyone needs space to breath), was created originally for pregnancy and parenting and now due to feedback, has evolved into an OPEN Breathing Space for all of us who need space to breath, learn, cultivate and practice mindfulness. Those who are curious about and new to a mindfulness practice, or those who already realise the benefits of more calm and confidence, and who would like to enjoy an ongoing practice surrounded by others, are all welcome.

Mindfulness Breathing Space is a meditation class designed to open the mind and body to the wholeness of life.
When we use neuroscience and contemplative practices (such as yoga and meditation) to address the primal human response to trauma (freeze, fight and flight) we can increase oxytocin, reduce sleepiness, heighten alertness, enhance concentration (dharana), motor performance and elevate our general mood.

This class combines Yogic Principles, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation, and iREST for your whole body.

Now on schedule at Flow Hot Yoga - 25 Mandeville Street. Christchurch. Please phone 03 348 8889 to book your session.