Head Start is an Early Pregnancy Education Programme for women and their partners from the beginning of pregnancy to birth.


Just found out you're pregnant! Want evidence based information, delivered by health professionals so you can get a Head Start?

Step 1. Join our Early Pregnancy 4 hour workshop where you'll learn:

  • Nausea Ninja - combat morning sickness
  • what can + what can't I eat now?
  • hormones that help or hinder
  • safe exercise + stress reduction
  • where on earth to birth?
  • how to find a midwife/obstetrician
  • begin building calm + confidence
    • + much more

Step 2. continue with your weekly online interactive education programme for pregnancy wellness including:

  • weekly recipes delivered to your inbox
  • bedtime birth stories
  • breathing practice videos
  • safe pregnancy movement
  • breastfeeding preparation
  • connect with your private Facebook group
  • Instagram for your inspiration (private feed)
  • screening + testing info
  • stay up to date with health recommendations
  • join a community
  • create connections

Get your Head Start 4 hour workshop + weekly interactive education programme for $100

Step 3. Join our Birth Skills One Day Workshop

Designed for parents to provide an effective skill set for use during labour + birth including:

  • how your hormones can help or hinder
  • what to expect at each stage of labour
  • how you can create the optimal environment
  • making mindful decisions so you're in control
  • focused + non-focused awareness exercises
  • choosing your support team
  • creating your birth plan (home or hospital)
  • navigating obstacles
  • learning how to become the ultimate support person
  • reduce anxiety / stress, increase calm
  • gather confidence for your birth and parenting journey

Complete the Head Start Programme with your Birth Skills One Day Workshop for $230

Approx 28 weeks pregnant is ideal for this workshop.

save 10% when you book the Full Head Start Programme

We are often Sold Out in advance so please do book early.