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OPTI-MUM MINDFUL BIRTH skills (labour & birth WORSKHOP)

This Opti-Mum programme consists of a full day intensive for women and their partners. 'Birth Skills' is designed to provide a knowledge of the Essential Elements; a skill set for use during labour and birth including:

  • hormonal interplay - what helps or hinders labour

  • what to expect at each stage of labour

  • how can you create the optimal environment

  • making mindful decisions at any labour intersection for empowering birth

  • focused and non-focused awareness exercises to invite and embrace labour sensations

  • addressing the perception of pain - minimising overwhelm and maximising awareness, focus & surrender

  • choosing your support team and learning how can they become the ultimate support partners to help facilitate your desired birth experience - hands on or hands off

  • discussion, interaction and reflection with professional midwives, educators and mindfulness practitioners providing your premium learning experience.

  • BONUS: EXCLUSIVE FREE AUDIO FILES FOR YOU TO ACCESS AND PRACTICE FOR YOUR CALM AND CONFIDENT LABOUR AND BIRTH. Reduce anxiety, increase calm, reduce stress, increase rest and confidence for your birth continuum.

This may be your first time birthing, or you may have already been through pregnancy but desire a different approach.

Women who attend Opti-mum consider this an investment that will determine the quality of their birth experience.

If you're wondering how to move, breath, remain calm and confident throughout labour and birth,

this is the course for you!


"I attended Opti-mum because I wanted a more insightful and meaningful antenatal experience in the lead up to my first born baby. Opti-mum was exactly what I'd hoped for. The breathing techniques, mindful approach and hospital prep I found particularly helpful. I also found the discussions took away a lot of the fear I had around the birth experience which I didn't receive in the other antenatal classes I attended"

Bec Williams - Opti-mum graduate


  • City central location.
  • Saturday or Sunday full day session (9:30am – 5pm)
  • Tea/coffee provided. Please make your own lunch arrangements. There are a number of local cafes. 
  • Pricing per couple: $230 - limited spaces - payment plan available upon enquiry

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