Where, when, what’s our investment
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Opti-mum Mindful Birth Journey (pregnancy, birth and beyond)

  • Hanmer Springs Weekend Retreat.
  • Two full day sessions (9:30am – 5pm) Please arrive by 09:15am to settle in.
  •  Limited accommodation available at venue
  • You will receive exclusive audio files for use during pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Journal/Playbook yours to use during and after your childbirth journey programme
  • Small group sessions, designed to be flexible, allowing discussion, interaction and reflection for your Opti-mum learning
  • payment plan available upon enquiry

Pricing per couple:

  • non-residential - $400 - includes, lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.
  • residential -$550 - includes double room on Saturday night; lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch, Sunday.

BONUS: Families who choose to join us for the Opti-mum Mindful Birth Journey, receive the Opti-mum Mindful Birth Skills Intensive for $100 per couple, (saving $100).

Women consider this the coffee or wine they are no longer having, the money they learn to save on unnecessary baby products or simply an investment in the quality of their whole childbirth journey.

OPTI-MUM MINDFUL BIRTH skills (labour & birth intensive)

This may be your first time birthing, or you may have already been through pregnancy but desire a different approach.

  • City central location.
  • Saturday or Sunday full day session (9:30am – 5pm)
  • Tea/coffee provided. Please make your own lunch arrangements. There are a number of local cafes. 
  • Pricing per couple: $200 - limited spaces - payment plan available upon enquiry

BREATHING SPACE (because everyone needs space to breath)

Those who are curious about and new to a mindfulness practice, or those who already realise the benefits of more calm and confidence, and who would like to enjoy an ongoing practice surrounded by others, are all welcome.

Most things in life are more enjoyable when shared, so we invite you to explore or deepen your mindfulness practice, prioritising time for your self, so you are able to effectively give to others; your pregnant self, growing baby, your children, you partner, your friends, colleauges and family. When you nurture your whole body and mind, using mindfulness breathing and relaxation techniques, you can experience more focus, increased joy, abundant energy, deeper relaxation, higher immunity, rejuvenation and overall health. 

The sessions begin using a variety of mindfulness breathing exercises - that you are able to take into your daily lives. Followed by a guided visualisation for a deep restorative relaxation experience, for your whole body and mind. Overwhelm arises from internal chaos. Clarity arises from mindfulness. This is why we all need Breathing Space.