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 Our clients are information seekers.

They know there’s gotta be a way to do this well.

We say ‘hope is not a strategy.’

We have a way of delivering information that is unique, contemporary and relevant entirely to your experience.

If you're wondering how to master your movement, breath, remain calm and confident throughout labour and birth, to take control of your SELF, this is the course for you!

BIRTH skills ONE DAY birth WORkshOP


  • City central location.

  • Saturday full day session (9:30am – 5:00pm)

  • Tea/coffee provided. Please make your own lunch arrangements. There are a number of local cafes.

  • Pricing per couple: $230 - limited spaces - payment plan available upon enquiry

See available dates in course links above. Limited Spaces. Booking Essential.

This may be your first time birthing, or you may have already been through pregnancy but desire a different approach.

Women who attend Opti-mum consider this an investment that will determine the quality of their birth experience.

I attended Opti-mum because I wanted a more insightful and meaningful antenatal experience in the lead up to my first born baby. Opti-mum was exactly what I’d hoped for. The breathing techniques, mindful approach and hospital prep I found particularly helpful. I also found the discussions took away a lot of the fear I had around the birth experience which I didn’t receive in the other antenatal classes I attended
— Bec Williams
I credit a lot of my natural easeful birth to the knowledge and skills I gained in the Opti-Mum course. The combination of scientific and intuitive evidence enabled me to look positively at birth and enabled me to prepare for labour mindfully and proactively. With the techniques and confidence I gained in the course I was able to remain calm and empowered throughout my entire labour - and be completely present when our beautiful little girl arrived in my arms. I cannot recommend this course enough ... if you do just one ante-natal preparation class, this should absolutely be it!!
— Alex + Tim
You did a 1:1 workshop with me and my husband Mark late last year. My previous baby was posterior and I’d had very long hard labour. I employed all your physical exercises and birthed baby Henry in a short 3hour labour. He was 4.8kg with a 39cm head but it wasn’t even that bad! I used the mantra “this can’t be stronger than my body because IT IS my body” and that really kept me focused and realistic. Thanks so much for your wisdom!
— Charlie - Opti-mum 1:1 Grad'