Pregnancy Nausea? - Ginger Tonic

Pregnancy nausea is caused by hormonal changes. It usually begins around the sixth week and often ends with the first trimester (12th week). Nausea can come at any time of the day, affects most pregnant women and can last throughout pregnancy for some.

Did you know research has shown that ginger can help combat pregnancy nausea as well as being anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory.

You’ll need:

15gm fresh root ginger
1tspn honey
or maple syrup
*1 - 2 cups of water


Simply chop your fresh ginger into a few casual slices.
(15gm is about the size of a small plum)

*The amount of water added at the beginning depends on how strong you like your ginger tonic. Boil uncovered and then turn down the heat to simmer until your liquid has reduced to approx' half. The longer you simmer, the stronger the concentration.
Remove from heat, pour into your cup and add honey or maple syrup. Adjust to your taste by adding more water or tonic.

We have played with adding a slice of lemon and sprig of mint and even a dash of cinnamon however, simply ginger and honey/maple is a perfect nausea tonic. The remaining liquid will keep well in the pot for a day or two. You can add fresh ginger and top up with water to continue sipping this tonic and being a Nausea Ninja!


dairy free : gluten free

Image by Charlotte Clements