Your Opti-mum Journey

Opti-mum is childbirth education with a twenty first century twist where we focus on the mind-body connection in order to facilitate optimal health for pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

Currently this education most often occurs at the end of pregnancy however, we believe earlier is ideal; the more opportunity to integrate the tools and the more potentially powerful the learning.

It already works! There is insurmountable evidence that shows the positive effect on the mind body connection when practicing mindfulness.

We will support you to thread together the key elements for a positive and rewarding mindful childbirth journey, guiding you from anxiety or fear to informed, empowered, excited and relaxed.  

These elements include:

  • Developing skills in mindfulness and meditation to create a peaceful and safe environment for both you and your baby to grow and flourish, birth and nourish.
  • Understanding how your hormonal system orchestrates the mind and body and providing you with tools that will help you to optimise the ‘rest and digest’ hormones during your childbirth journey.
  • Increasing body awareness to help you to discover your inner power and strength.
  • Learning how a ‘slow’ approach can benefit mind, body and spirit.
  • Appreciating how arts and creativity adds an aesthetic dimension to let your soul sing.
  • Learning how to save money and resources by visiting the importance of caring for the planet that you will be introducing your baby to.
  • Building community so that you have a network of like-minded friends and support people to share your journey with. 
  • Learning how to nourish your mind, body and soul with mindful food and eating. 
  • Empowering support partners to be relaxed and confident, therefore creating your ultimate support team for your Opti-mum childbirth journey.